NPY Receptor Agonists

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
1177 Neuropeptide Y 13-36 (porcine)
NPY Y2 receptor agonist
1153 Neuropeptide Y (human, rat)
Influences feeding and sexual behavior
1173 Neuropeptide Y (porcine)
Influences feeding and sexual behavior
3436 [D-Trp34]-Neuropeptide Y
Potent NPY Y5 agonist; orexigenic
1176 [Leu31,Pro34]-Neuropeptide Y (human, rat)
NPY Y1 receptor agonist
1154 Pancreatic Polypeptide (human)
NPY Y4 agonist; involved in gastrointestinal tract function
1365 [cPP1-7,NPY19-23,Ala31,Aib32,Gln34] - hPancreatic Polypeptide
Potent, selective NPY Y5 agonist
1618 Peptide YY (3-36)
Selective NPY Y2 receptor agonist
6288 Peptide YY (3-36) human
NPY Y2 receptor agonist