Non-selective Ionotropic Glutamate Antagonists

Cat No Product Name / Activity
3699 DL-AP4 Sodium salt
Broad spectrum EAA antagonist. Sodium salt of DL-AP4 (Cat. No. 0101)
0102 D-AP4
Broad spectrum EAA antagonist
0101 DL-AP4
Broad spectrum EAA antagonist
0328 (R)-3-Carboxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycine
Ionotropic glutamate receptor antagonist
1395 (R)-3,4-DCPG
AMPA antagonist/weak NMDA antagonist
1394 (RS)-3,4-DCPG
Potent systemically active anticonvulsant. Racemate of (R)-3,4,-DCPG (Cat. No. 1395)
0112 γDGG
Broad spectrum glutamate receptor antagonist
0223 Kynurenic acid
Broad spectrum EAA antagonist
3694 Kynurenic acid sodium salt
Sodium salt of kynurenic acid (Cat. No. 0223)