Non-selective Cav Channels


Cat No Product Name / Activity
3934 Benidipine hydrochloride
Non-selective Cav blocker; also mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist
4117 Bepridil hydrochloride
Non-selective Ca2+ channel blocker; also NCX inhibitor
3086 L-651,582
Non-selective Ca2+ channel blocker
5470 QAQ dichloride
Photoswitchable Nav, Kv and Cav channel blocker
6179 UK 59811 hydrochloride
CaVAb blocker


Cat No Product Name / Activity
5948 DMNPE-4 AM-caged-calcium
Caged calcium; cell permeable
0806 Gabapentin
Selectively binds the α2δ subunit of CaV channels. Anticonvulsant
3775 Pregabalin
Anticonvulsant; selectively binds the α2δ subunit of voltage-sensitive calcium channels