CLK (Cdc2-like Kinases)

CLKs (Cdc2-like kinase) are dual specificity protein kinases which are involved in gene splicing regulation. The CLK family has four family members: CLK1/STY, CLK2, CLK3 and CLK4. CLKs are useful targets for studying diseases attributed to gene mis-splicing events.

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CLK (Cdc2-like Kinase) Inhibitors

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
7546 C28
Potent CLK inhibitor; also inhibits LMTK3
6644 KuWal151
Potent and selective CLK inhibitor
5700 ML 315 hydrochloride
Inhibitor of Clk and DYRK kinases
4336 TG 003
Potent inhibitor of Clk-family kinases; also inhibits DYRK1A/B

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    The CLK (Cdc2-like kinase) family has four family members: CLK1/STY, CLK2, CLK3 and CLK4. CLKs are dual specificity protein kinases which are self-activated through autophosphorylation on tyrosine residues and phosphorylate their substrates on serine and threonine residues. All family members have N-terminal domains which are rich in serine and arginine residues. They also have a conserved EHLAMMERRIG sequence in the catalytic domain and are thus also known as LAMMER kinases.

    Mammalian CLK families contain a SR domain which has been shown to phosphorylate serine/arginine-rich (SR) proteins in vitro and phosphorylate SR protein ASF/SF2 in vivo. This phosphorylation modulates gene splicing and consequently gene expression. CLKs may also modulate the intranuclear distribution of SR proteins, adding a further layer of complexity to the control of gene splicing.

    Furthermore, phosphorylation of SR proteins affects their protein-protein interactions, protein-RNA interactions, intracellular localization and trafficking, as well as their alternative splicing of pre-mRNA. In addition, CLKs are useful targets for studying diseases attributed to mis-splicing events as well as conditions such as muscular dystrophy and HIV.

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    Cdc2-like Kinases Gene Data

    Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
    CLK1 Human CLK1 NM_004071 P49759
    Mouse Clk1 NM_001042634 NM_001042634
    Rat Clk1 NM_001106913 NP_001100383
    CLK2 Human CLK2 NM_003993 P49760
    Mouse Clk2 NM_007712 O35491
    Rat Clk2 NM_001014254 NP_001014276
    CLK3 Human CLK3 NM_003992 P49761
    Mouse Clk3 NM_007713 O35492
    Rat Clk3 NM_134340 NP_599167
    CLK4 Human CLK4 NM_020666 Q9HAZ1
    Mouse Clk4 NM_007714 O35493
    Rat Clk4 NM_001013041 NP_001013059