Calcium Channels

Calcium is a vital signaling molecule that mediates muscle contraction, neurotransmission, gene expression and more. There are two main types of calcium channels; voltage-gated calcium channels, which open in response to changes in membrane potential and ligand-gated calcium channels, such as IP3 receptors, store operated calcium channels and ryanodine receptors, which are activated by ligand binding.

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Multiple diseases are caused by disruption of normal calcium channel function. Inherited calcium channelopathies include nervous system disorders, such as X-linked night blindness and hemiplegic migraine, muscloskeletal disorders, such as hypokalemic periodic paralysis and malignant hyperthermia, and cardiovascular disorders, including ventricular cardiomyopathy and familial polymorphic ventricular tachycardia.

Channel Type L T N P Q R
Conductance (pS) 25 5-9 ~ 20 9-19 16 -
Activation Threshold High Low High High High High
Deactivation Rate Fast Slow Fast Fast Fast Fast
Inactivation Rate Slow Fast Moderate Very Slow Moderate Fast
Permeability Ba2+ > Ca2+ Ba2+ = Ca2+ Ba2+ > Ca2+ Ba2+ > Ca2+ Ba2+ > Ca2+ Ba2+ > Ca2+

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