Tocriscreen Compound Libraries & Toolboxes

Product Overview

Tocriscreen covers the Tocris bioactive compound libraries, toolboxes and custom vialing service. For Tocriscreen, we only provide compounds that are suitable for screening applications, chosen with great care from the same high quality compounds that are found throughout the catalog. This means that in addition to pharmacological activity, the compounds have proven solubility, purity and stability. And when you find hits with a Tocriscreen, our high inventory levels guarantees that the compounds will be available for re-supply for follow up experiments. The Tocriscreen ready-to-use libraries offer high quality tool compounds for a wide range of targets, while the toolboxes provide the ability to home in on specific areas of research.

The custom library service allows you to select from the Tocriscreen compounds to create a bespoke library to suit your research focus.

For access to the exclusive list of compounds, please complete the compound library enquiry form.

Major target classes covered by the Tocriscreen Plus library.

The Tocriscreen Plus Library: Pie chart showing the major research areas covered by the Tocriscreen Plus library, including Neuroscience, Cancer, Endocrinology, Epigenetics, Stem Cells and Cardiovascular research.

Custom Compound Library Service

This is a unique service designed to meet your exact screening requirements. Specify compounds, quantities, format (dry/solid or DMSO) and the tube, vial or plate required to complement your compound handling system. The Tocris scientific team can also provide assistance in choosing compounds that are relevant to your research requirements.

Please use the compound library enquiry form to receive the Tocriscreen compound list and access this service.