TFAX (AF) Dyes

TFAX (AF) dyes are sulfonated, cell impermeable fluorophores that are bright and pH insensitive (in the range 4-10). Highly cited, robust and reliable fluorescent dyes for application in flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy, SRM (super resolution microscopy) and IHC/ICC.

Literature (1)
Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
6619 TFAX 488, SE
Green fluorescent dye; amine reactive
6621 TFAX 488, TFP
Green fluorescent dye; amine reactive
6623 TFAX 546, SE
Yellow fluorescent dye; amine reactive
6624 TFAX 568, SE
Orange fluorescent dye; amine reactive
6625 TFAX 594, SE
Red fluorescent dye; amine reactive

Literature for TFAX (AF) Dyes

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