NOP Receptor Peptides


Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
0910 Nociceptin
Endogenous NOP agonist
1590 [Arg14,Lys15]Nociceptin
Highly potent and selective NOP agonist
1566 [(pF)Phe4]Nociceptin(1-13)NH2
Potent, selective nociceptin receptor agonist
1092 [Phe1Ψ(CH2-NH)Gly2]Nociceptin(1-13)NH2
Selective nociceptin receptor agonist
3932 Orphanin FQ (1-11)
Potent NOP agonist; displays analgesic properties
1387 Ac-RYYRWK-NH2
Potent, selective NOP partial agonist peptide


Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
1308 [Nphe1]Nociceptin(1-13)NH2
Selective, competitive nociceptin antagonist
1118 Nocistatin (bovine)
Opposes action of nociceptin
1198 Nocistatin (human)
Human putative counterpart of nocistatin
1552 UFP-101
Potent, selective silent antagonist for NOP


Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
1239 Ac-RYYRIK-NH2
High affinity NOP ligand


Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
1266 Nociceptin (1-7)
Bioactive metabolite of nociceptin
1119 NocII
Orphan neuropeptide