Histamine H3 Receptor Antagonists

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
4697 A 331440 dihydrochloride
Selective H3 antagonist
2211 Carcinine ditrifluoroacetate
Highly selective H3 antagonist
0752 Clobenpropit dihydrobromide
Highly potent H3 antagonist and H4 partial agonist
2419 GT 2016
Selective H3 antagonist
1858 Impentamine dihydrobromide
Selective H3 antagonist
0779 Iodophenpropit dihydrobromide
Potent, selective H3 antagonist
4020 JNJ 5207852 dihydrochloride
High affinity H3 antagonist
2034 ROS 234 dioxalate
Potent H3 antagonist
6778 S 38093
Selective H3 antagonist and inverse agonist; also σ1 receptor antagonist; antinociceptive
4441 SEN 12333
Histamine H3 antagonist; also α7 nAChR agonist
0644 Thioperamide
H3 antagonist; also H4 inverse agonist
2493 VUF 5681 dihydrobromide
Potent H3 receptor silent antagonist