Ryanodine Re-available to Researchers

Tocris Bioscience secure a sustainable supply of Ryanodine

March 30th, 2006 - Tocris Bioscience (St. Louis, USA & Bristol, UK) - Tocris Bioscience announced today that they are making a sustainable supply of Ryanodine re-available to researchers. Ryanodine is a widely used plant alkaloid derived from Ryania speciosa, a native plant of tropical America.

The principal active component of the botanical insecticide Ryania, Ryanodine has been used historically to control pests such as fruit moths, coddling moths, and citrus thrips. Although Ryania is no longer used as an insecticide today, Ryanodine itself has become an important tool for researchers involved in the study of muscle physiology in general and cardiac disease in particular.

Due to increasing difficulty in finding sustainable natural sources, availability of research-grade Ryanodine has dwindled to almost zero since 2005, jeopardizing important life science research.

"Staff at Tocris Bioscience are delighted to announce that Ryanodine is back in stock and available to researchers worldwide." Supply Chain Executive, Pierre Lacrouts explained. "We have gone to great lengths to secure a sustainable supply of this product and I'm delighted to be able to confirm that product quality is exceptionally high."