Anastrozole & Bicalutamide Exclusive Deal

Tocris signs exclusive deal to supply Anastrozole & Bicalutamide for cancer research

Tocris Bioscience announced today the signing of an exclusive deal with AstraZeneca to supply anastrozole and bicalutamide to researchers working on the mechanisms underlying cancer development. For the first time, preclinical scientists will be able to buy fully licensed, non-formulated anastrozole and bicalutamide as off-the shelf products for use in biological research.

In recent years pharmaceutical companies have developed a number of small molecule drugs that are clinically effective against certain types of cancer. Aromatase inhibitors such as anastrozole, and androgen inhibitors such as bicalutamide, are at the forefront of this new generation of targeted anticancer agents.

Anastrozole and bicalutamide have been licensed to Tocris for use as preclinical research compounds only. Strict conditions have been imposed by AstraZeneca to ensure that they are not used in human studies.

Duncan Crawford, Tocris' Chief Scientific Officer, said, "We know that there is a great deal of interest in anastrozole and bicalutamide from the global research community. By making the fully licensed products available through our catalog, we hope to promote new and exciting research in the fundamental processes that drive cancer development. For Tocris these important new products perfectly complement our comprehensive and expanding range of high purity compounds, which are in use worldwide to further biomedical research. We are delighted that our excellent relationship with AstraZeneca has allowed us to make these compounds available to scientists working on the fundamental mechanisms of cancer cell biology."

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