Diacylglycerol Kinases

Diacylglycerol kinases (DGKs) are a group of ten enzymes that metabolize 1,2,diacylglycerol (DAG) to produce phosphatidic acid (PA). They all contain a conserved C′-terminal catalytic domain and two cysteine-rich Zn2+-finger motifs with varied regulatory domains.

Gene Data


Cat No Product Name / Activity
0484 Dioctanoylglycol
Diacylglycerol kinase inhibitor
2194 R 59-022
Diacylglycerol kinase inhibitor; increases PKC activity

Diacylglycerol kinases (DGKs) are a group of ten enzymes (DGKα, DGKβ, DGKγ, DGKδ, DGKε, DGKζ, DGKη, DGKθ, DGKι and DGKκ) that metabolize 1,2,diacylglycerol (DAG) to produce phosphatidic acid (PA). They all contain a conserved C′-terminal catalytic domain, two cysteine-rich Zn2+-finger motifs that bind DAG and an ATP-binding site, whilst the regulatory domain varies.

DGKs are widely distributed throughout mammalian tissues and different isozymes have different subcellular localizations; some are cytosolic (for example DGKα), some are membrane-bound (for example DGKγ is associated with the Golgi membrane) and some are nuclear (for example DGKζ). DGKs have diverse biological roles as they participate in signal transduction by modulating levels of DAG in a variety of cellular responses to extracellular stimuli.

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Diacylglycerol Kinase Gene Data

Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
DGKα Human DGKA NM_201554 P23743
Mouse Dgka NM_016811 O88673
Rat Dgka NM_080787 P51556
DGKβ Human DGKB NM_004080 Q9UQ29
Mouse Dgkb NM_178681 Q6NS52
Rat Dgkb NM_019304 P49621
DGKγ Human DGKG NM_001080744 P49619
Mouse Dgkg NM_138650 Q91WG7
Rat Dgkg NM_013126 P49620
DGKδ Human DGKD NM_003648 Q16760
Mouse Dgkd AK172901 Q6A0B7
Rat Dgkd XM_343621 -
DGKε Human DGKE NM_003647 P52429
Mouse Dgke NM_019505 Q9R1C6
DGKζ Human DGKZ NM_001105540 Q13574
Mouse Dgkz NM_138306 Q80UP3
Rat Dgkz NM_031143 O08560
DGKη Human DGKH NM_178009 Q86XP1
Mouse Dgkh NM_001081336 NP_001074805
DGKθ Human DGKQ NM_001347 P52824
Mouse Dgkq NM_199011 NP_950176
DGKι Human DGKI NM_004717 O75912
Mouse Dgki NM_001081206 NP_001074675
Rat Dgki NM_198782 Q810C3
DGKκ Human DGKK NM_001013742 Q5KSL6
Mouse Dgkk NM_177914 NP_808582
Rat Dgkk XM_346276 XP_346277