Custom Reagents & Contract Services

The Custom Reagents & Contract Services is part of the range of product guides and listings produced by Tocris to present our unique collection of products for specific research interests. We invite you to !

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Custom Reagents & Contract Services

Produced by Bio-Techne, this brochure outlines the custom reagent and contract services available from all Bio-techne brands. This includes protein, assay and antibody services, including recombinant protein expression, assay development and optimization, recombinant antibody conversion and biomarker and bioactivity testing services.

Tocris offers custom chemistry services through which a wide range of organic molecules and pharmaceuticals can be synthesized or obtained from high quality, reliable sources. A number of analytical services, such as NMR spectroscopy, electrospray MS and preparative HPLC are also available. In addition, Tocris offers a custom compound library service to meet your individual screening requirements.

Unfortunately, this has been discontinued.