Notch Signaling

Notch is a transmembrane receptor that co-ordinates an important signaling cascade in all species. Notch signaling mediates local cell-to-cell communications as its ligands are mostly other transmembrane proteins, limiting the signaling to its neighboring cells.

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    The main function of Notch signaling is regulation of cell fate specification, proliferation and death, for neuronal, cardiac and endocrine systems, and most particularly in stem cells. This determines the biological orientation of cells throughout development, allocating different cell types within a tissue. Notch signaling is widely accepted as being involved in the development of most tissues in most species.

    The pathway of Notch is seemingly very simple, however there are numerous complex regulatory mechanisms that are also associated. Ligands bind at Notch inducing its activation and cleavage. The truncated version of Notch is then targeted by γ-secretase, releasing an intracellular domain which translocates to the nucleus where it regulates gene expression and is a co-factor for numerous transcription factors.

    A variety of post-translational processes regulate Notch activity throughout its synthesis and secretion, its activation and trafficking, and its degradation. These post-translational regulations enable Notch signaling to have such versatility in many tissues.

    Aberrant Notch signaling is associated with numerous diseases, especially in cancer, neurodegenerative disease and cognitive defects.

    Pathways for Notch Signaling

    Notch Signaling Pathway

    Notch Signaling Pathway

    The Notch pathway is involved in determination of cell fate, regulation of pattern formation and other developmental settings. Disrupted signaling can cause developmental defects and a range of adult pathologies.

    Notch Gene Data

    Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
    Notch1 Human NOTCH1 NM_017617 P46531
    Mouse Notch1 NM_008714 Q8K428
    Rat Notch1 NM_001105721 Q07008
    Notch2 Human NOTCH2 NM_024408 Q04721
    Mouse Notch2 NM_010928 Q35516
    Rat Notch2 NM_024358 Q9QW30
    Notch2 N-terminal like Human NOTCH2NL NM_203458 Q7Z359
    Notch3 Human NOTCH3 NM_000435 Q9UM47
    Mouse Notch3 NM_008716 Q61982
    Rat Notch3 NM_020087 Q9R172
    Notch4 Human NOTCH4 NM_004557 Q9UIJ0
    Mouse Notch4 NM_010929 P31695
    Rat Notch4 NM_001002827 Q6MG89