The purity displayed in the technical data section of our online product information pages is the minimum content of the active ingredient that any given batch will contain. Minor batch variations, which have no effect on the biological properties of the material, may take place due to manufacturing processes.

Bioactive chemical purity

Tocris bioactive chemicals are of high purity, typically > 99% by HPLC. For purity of an individual product please consult the batch-specific certificate of analysis (CoA).

Isotopic purity

Isotopic purity is the percentage of stable isotope in the product.

Peptide purity

Unless otherwise stated, peptides supplied by Tocris have a purity of > 95%. For purity of an individual product please consult the batch-specific certificate of analysis (CoA).

Quality control

Chemical purity is assessed using an array of techniques including HPLC, chiral HPLC, NMR, microanalysis, high voltage electrophoresis, melting point, optical rotation, TLC, and mass spectrometry as appropriate. All data is kept on file and available for inspection on request - please contact us for details. We believe that the purity of any material supplied by Tocris will match or exceed the purity of the product originally reported in the scientific literature.

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