Vial Labels

example vial label

1. Catalog number

This is a four digit number that identifies each product.

2. Product name

This will be the name by which the product is most commonly known.

3. Molecular Formula

This is the molecular formula of the product.

4. Storage conditions

These are our recommendations for storage of the compound, in the condition supplied. For further information, please visit our Stability and Storage support page.

5. Unit size

The quantity of compound supplied in our vials is not weighed to the accuracy required for direct solution preparation unless specifically stated on the product datasheet. It is the responsibility of the individual researcher to accurately reweigh the compound in order to obtain solutions of defined concentration.

6. Batch numbers

This is the batch number of the product.

7. Molecular weight

Product molecular weights are subject to batch variations. Customers should always use the molecular weight stated on the vial label and accompanying product datasheet. Variations between batches should make no difference to the basic pharmacological properties of the products.

For further information, please visit our molecular weight support page.

8. Caution

All Tocris products are intended for laboratory research use only. They must not be used for human, veterinary, food, cosmetic, agricultural, domestic or any other use whatsoever.

Tocris is a Bio-Techne brand. To find out more please visit our news page.