Tocris Sponsers University Football Team

Official sponsor of Physiology and Pharmacology football team

Tocris Bioscience, a leading supplier of high performance life science reagents, is pleased to announce that it has signed a deal to become the official sponsor of The University of Bristol Physiology and Pharmacology football team.

The team's Captain, Robert Pope, said "We are delighted to team up with Tocris Bioscience as our sponsor. Many of us have worked with Tocris products in the University so are especially proud that they have chosen to support us."

Tocris Bioscience, previously known as Tocris Neuramin, was founded in 1982 by Professor Jeff Watkins FRS of the Pharmacology Department in the University of Bristol. Professor Watkins' research interests focused on glutamate receptors and their involvement in the synaptic transmission processes of the mammalian central nervous system. Through their commitment to seek out and supply new technologies, products and services, Tocris now has a collection of over 250 compounds for Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor and Ionotropic Glutamate Receptor research.

Tocris' Managing Director, Laurence Ede, said "We are proud to support our local university's football team because although Tocris has grown to become a leading worldwide supplier, our roots remain firmly in Bristol."

About Bristol University Physiology and Pharmacology Department

The Department of Physiology and Pharmacology encompasses internationally recognized research groups whose interests extend from the cell to the whole animal, ranging from cell signaling and neuropharmacology to cardiovascular/respiratory function and the study of sensory and sensorimotor systems in the intact brain.

Working collaboratively within the department and with colleagues in the UK and abroad, we use our expertise to investigate how cells and organisms function and how we might modulate their function to improve health.

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