Tocris is a Licensed Supplier of the Correct Isomer of Bosutinib

Bosutinib supplied by Tocris is authentic, fully-licensed material

Tocris Bioscience have recently become aware of a number of stories concerning the availability and use by researchers of an incorrect isomer of bosutinib, a Pfizer compound currently in clinical cancer development, purchased from a number of unlicensed compound suppliers.1 The issue was brought to light in a paper published in PLoS.2

In 2010 Tocris and Pfizer entered an agreement to grant Tocris the right to supply a significant number of Pfizer research compounds, including bosutinib. We would like to reassure the research community that the bosutinib supplied by Tocris is authentic, fully-licensed material, supplied and assayed by both Pfizer and Tocris. No issues have been reported by researchers using Tocris-supplied material.

"Tocris has long had a policy of running independent quality control on compounds we supply to researchers. In this case, two things have conspired to allow this mis-labeled isomer on to the market: firstly, other compound suppliers have been selling bosutinib independently of and without the co-operation of Pfizer; and secondly, inadequate quality control has failed to identify the wrong material. In our case we not only have the co-operation of Pfizer, but we also have full spectral and analytical data available for every batch of every compound we sell," said Tocris' Chief Scientific Officer, Duncan Crawford.

We understand the disappointment for researchers who have unfortunately used the incorrect isomer of bosutinib in their experiments. However, this issue can be avoided by purchasing the correct isomer of bosutinib from Tocris, whose focused efforts on licensing and quality control ensure that we supply guaranteed and authentic quality products to our customers.

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Further Information

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2. Levinson and Boxer (2012) 'Structural and spectroscopic analysis of the kinase inhibitor bosutinib and an isomer of bosutinib binding to the Abl tyrosine kinase domain.' PLoS One 7 1.