Tocris Launch One-Stop Custom Service

Custom synthesis, product sourcing and analytical services

Sept 7th, 2007 - Tocris Bioscience announced today that it had launched a unique one-stop custom synthesis and product sourcing service for the pharmaceutical, biotech, drug discovery and chemical industries.

Tocris Custom Services (including Synthesis, Sourcing and Analytical Services) is the latest expansion of the growing team at the Bristol site, implementing over twenty years of experience as a leading global supplier of innovative reagents for life science research.

Dave Peters, Supply Manager, says, “We specialize in the mg to Kg scale synthesis of complex organic molecules, including active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's), amino acids & peptides, scaffolds & building blocks, rare organics & specialty fine chemicals. Over 90% of our chemistry group are PhD qualified and have vast experience in challenging multistep syntheses across a diverse range of biologically active compounds. We can also help with route development & synthesis strategy.”

“Also, our team of analytical chemists have in-house access to state of the art equipment including multinuclear NMR, HPLC, MS, LC-MS, IR & optical rotation, providing a comprehensive QC data package, as well as HPLC method development, compound stability and impurity profiling and preparative LC sample purification.”

“Our global supply network is second to none, and partner organizations possess specialist skills in areas as diverse as natural product extraction, fermentation, carbohydrates, prostaglandins, API's and peptide synthesis. We provide access to a reliable and sustainable source of high quality products with the reassurance that compounds will be fully QC tested in-house before dispatch.”

Laurence Ede, Managing Director, adds, “We are very pleased to be launching our Custom Services package which will benefit enormously from the recent development of our state-of-the-art laboratories here in Bristol. To add, we have at hand an expert team of scientists with a proven ability to deliver the highest purity products on time and on budget. You can rely on us to be a trusted partner for all of your custom synthesis, sourcing and analytical needs.”

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