Tocris Announces Launch of Tocriscreen™ Plus

New compound library launched by Tocris Bioscience

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Tocris Bioscience, part of the Biotechnology division of Bio-Techne, today announced the launch of its new compound library, Tocriscreen™ Plus. Comprising 1,280 biologically active reagents from the Tocris catalog, the collection includes the latest Tocris products for G protein-coupled receptor (GPCRs), ion channels, nuclear receptors, transporters and enzymes. Tocriscreen Plus is intended to be used in cell-based high-content screening, drug repurposing campaigns and chemical biology applications.

Tocriscreen Plus 96-well racks Tocris' Senior Product Manager, Robert Felix said, "We have incorporated customer feedback and the latest advances in research, with over 10 years' experience in making ready-to-screen libraries, to create Tocriscreen™ Plus. The resulting library excludes obvious pan-assay interference compounds [PAINS], whilst the long-term stability of the collection in DMSO has been improved. The collection also contains new and exclusive compounds from the Tocris catalog and provides scientists with the opportunity to test some of the latest high quality chemical probes for epigenetics and stem cell biology."

The new Tocriscreen™ Plus adds to the growing portfolio of compound libraries from Tocris, which includes a number of smaller collections, such as the popular Kinase Toolbox. Managing Director, Dave Peters, said "The Tocriscreen™ libraries have been widely used by scientists over the last decade, but here at Tocris we are always striving to provide the best, highest performing products. The Tocriscreen™ Plus represents the next generation of bioactive library, which we feel sure will lead to new discoveries, new tools and, potentially, new medicines in the coming decade."

All compounds included in the Tocriscreen™ Plus are backed by the Tocris guarantee of high purity and the resupply of hits is assured. For more information, please visit

Product Information

Tocriscreen 96-well rack

Tocriscreen™ Plus is supplied as a package comprising 1,280 biologically active compounds pre-dissolved in DMSO (250 μl, 10 mM DMSO solution), 96-well racks with Matrix storage tubes and SepraSeal® caps, with compounds arranged 80 per rack and 16 racks per library.

The collection is also available in smaller aliquots of 50 μl as the Tocriscreen™ Plus Mini.

About Tocris Bioscience

Tocris Bioscience is part of the Biotechnology division of Bio-Techne. Our goal is to provide the global life science research community with the most innovative and high performing products to enable ground breaking discoveries. From its origins as a supplier of neuroscience research products, Tocris Bioscience has expanded to now offer innovative chemical tools for research in fields such as cancer, epigenetics and stem cells.

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