Tocriscreen Compound Libraries & Toolboxes

Product Overview

The Tocriscreen™ range includes compound libraries and toolboxes exclusively available from Tocris. Tocriscreen Plus compound libraries are composed of 1280 biologically active compounds, covering a range of pharmacological targets. The Tocriscreen toolboxes are collections of active compounds from the Tocris catalog that target specific areas of research.

  • Compounds ready-to-use in DMSO (10 mM)
  • 300+ pharmacological targets (see graph below for target classes covered)
  • Covers targets in key research areas including Cancer, Neuroscience, Epigenetics and Stem Cells
  • Includes commonly used standards, FDA-approved compounds and the latest research tools
  • Compounds available for re-supply from the Tocris catalog

To request the detailed compound lists for any of the Tocriscreen compound libraries or toolboxes, please complete the compound library inquiry form.

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Custom Compound Library Service

This is a unique service designed to meet your exact screening requirements. The Tocris scientific team can provide assistance in choosing compounds that are relevant to your research requirements. Contact us today to discuss your needs via the compound library inquiry form.

  • Cherry-pick compounds to create your own custom library
  • Specify compounds, quantities, format (dry or DMSO) and the tube, vial or plate required
  • Modules of the Tocriscreen Compound Libraries available as toolboxes for kinase inhibitors, epigenetics and stem cells

Comparison of Key features of Tocriscreen Compound Libraries

Micro (Cat. No. 6455) Mini (Cat. No. 5841) Plus (Cat. No. 5840)
No. of Compounds 1280 1280 1280
Volume 15 μL 50 μL 250 μL
Solution Format 10 mM DMSO 10 mM DMSO 10 mM DMSO
Seal Peelable foil seal SepraSeal Cap SepraSeal Cap
Storage Format 96-well, v-bottom microplate 96-well racks with Matrix™ storage tubes 96-well racks with Matrix™ storage tubes
Storage Temperature -20°C -20°C -20°C
Stability (for at least) 6 months, prior to opening 6 months 6 months

Major Target Classes Covered by Tocriscreen Compound Libraries

Major target classes covered by Tocriscreen compound libraries.

Webinar: Chemical Genomics - Undruggables and the Quest for Therapeutics

This webinar brings together experts to discuss chemical genomics and the advances and promises it brings to therapeutic discovery. The use of compound libraries and the possibilities for drug repurposing are examined, and the potential of patient lead approaches to identify novel targets with chemical genomics are considered.

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Chemical Genomics - Undruggables and the Quest for Therapeutics

Literature for Tocriscreen Compound Libraries & Toolboxes

Tocris offers the following scientific literature for Tocriscreen Compound Libraries & Toolboxes to showcase our products. We invite you to request* or download your copy today!

*Please note that Tocris will only send literature to established scientific business / institute addresses.

Compound Libraries & Toolboxes

Compound Libraries & Toolboxes

This brochure gives an overview of the unique TocriscreenTM compound libraries and toolboxes available from Tocris, including the Tocriscreen Plus, and toolboxes for the study of epigenetics, kinases and stem cells.

  • Tocriscreen Plus & Plus Mini
  • Custom Libraries
  • FDA-Approved Compounds
  • Tocriscreen Toolboxes