Scientific Meeting Posters

A range of scientific meeting posters authored by in-house experts

Written by our in-house experts and external collaborators, the following range of posters have been presented at scientific meetings, and provide an informative summary of key areas of research. We invite you to download your copy today.

Targeted Protein Degradation Scientific Poster

Targeted Protein Degradation

Generating a Chemical Toolbox to Support PROTAC R&D

Maple, H et al.

Degraders (e.g. PROTACs) are bifunctional small molecules, that harness the Ubiquitin Proteasome System (UPS) to selectively degrade target proteins within cells. They consist of three covalently linked components: an E3 ubiquitin ligase ligand, a linker and a ligand for the target protein of interest. Authored in-house, this poster outlines the generation of a toolbox of building blocks for the development of Degraders. The characteristics and selection of each of these components are discussed.