New & Exclusive Microtubule Probe

Taxol Janelia Fluor® 646

Hassle-Free No-Wash Experiments!

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With our new aTAG degradation platform

Degrade your target protein of interest!

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New Tocriscreen Epigenetics Library!

A library of 101 epigenetic compounds pre-dissolved in DMSO

Covering >40 epigenetic targets including epigenetic readers, writers, erasers and transcriptional modulators.

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Trusted and Reliable Neuroscience Reagents

Cited in >20,000 Neuroscience publications worldwide

Neurotransmitters | Ion Channel Modulators | Caged Compounds | DREADD Ligands

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Time To Go GMP?

GMP Small Molecules for Stem Cell Therapy

Partner with Tocris today and let us help you develop the next stem cell therapy

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Tocris Life Science Posters

A colorful and informative look at different research areas. Download or Request your free copy today!

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Highly-Cited Products

Our products are cited in many high-impact journals including Nature, Cell Press and PNAS, by researchers around the world. There are over 10,000 product citations on the Tocris website, with more being added every day. Check out the Citations tab on our product pages today!

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Neurotransmission Product Guide

新产品指南 S/S 2019

我们的新产品指南重点介绍了2019年上半年Tocris Bioscience产品系列中添加的多于215种的新产品。.


The importance of using GMP ancillary reagents for stem cell therapy manufacture




Chemical Genomics Webinar


如果您错过了由Lankenau Institute for Medical Research 的Mel Reichman和Catapult Medicines Discovery的John P Overington举办的化学基因组网络研讨会,现在仍可观看!