New Tocriscreen Epigenetics Library!

A library of 101 epigenetic compounds pre-dissolved in DMSO

Covering >40 epigenetic targets including epigenetic readers, writers, erasers and transcriptional modulators.

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dTAG-13: Tag, Degrade, Discover

Degrade your target of interest with our new dTAG degradation platform

A perfect alternative to genetic methods for target validation in vitro and in vivo

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New Spectra Viewer

Interactively view dye excitation & emission spectra

Useful tool for planning experiments & assessing multiplexing options

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Trusted and Reliable Neuroscience Reagents

Cited in >20,000 Neuroscience publications worldwide

Neurotransmitters | Ion Channel Modulators | Caged Compounds | DREADD Ligands

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Time To Go GMP?

GMP Small Molecules for Stem Cell Therapy

Partner with Tocris today and let us help you develop the next stem cell therapy

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Our products are cited in many high-impact journals including Nature, Cell Press and PNAS, by researchers around the world. There are over 10,000 product citations on the Tocris website, with more being added every day. Check out the Citations tab on our product pages today!

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6701 | 1A-116
Rac1抑制剂; 阻止Rac1-P-Rex1相互作用
6823 | CycLuc 1
合成的荧光素酶底物; 脑渗透剂; 显示近红外发射光谱
6886 | ML 67-33
K2P2.1 (TREK-1),K2P10.1 (TREK-2) 和K2P4.1(TRAAK)通道活化剂
6920 | SAH-SOS1A
KRas / SOS1相互作用抑制剂
6933 | CM 10
ALDH1A抑制剂; 耗尽CD133+癌症干细胞


我们的新海报讨论了GPCR 变构的关键方面,并强调了变构调节剂的治疗应用。 请立即申请或下载!




如果您错过了由Dundee大学的Will Farnaby和Dana-Farber癌症研究所的Behnam Nabet博士进行的靶向蛋白质降解网络研讨会,您仍然可以按需观看!


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