Bradykinin Receptors

More Information »Bradykinin and related kinins are a family of small peptides which act as mediators of pain and inflammation. They exert a variety of biological effects on the endothelium and peripheral circulation through their action on two bradykinin receptor subtypes: B1 and B2.

Bradykinin Receptor Products

Product Name / Activity
2371 Bombinakinin M
Potent bradykinin receptor agonist
3004 Bradykinin
Endogenous agonist at bradykinin receptors (B2 > B1)
3230 Sar-[D-Phe8]-des-Arg9-Bradykinin
Potent and selective B1 agonist
3005 [Des-Arg9]-Bradykinin
Bradykinin receptor agonist (B1 > B2)
3229 [Phe8Ψ(CH-NH)-Arg9]-Bradykinin
Selective B2 agonist
3227 Lys-Bradykinin
Potent bradykinin receptor agonist (B2 > B1)
3225 Lys-[Des-Arg9]Bradykinin
Selective B1 agonist
Product Name / Activity
3014 HOE 140
Potent and selective B2 antagonist
3978 MEN 11270
Selective B2 antagonist; analog of HOE 140 (Cat. No. 3014)
1697 Noscapine hydrochloride
Bradykinin antagonist. Also tubulin inhibitor
3407 R 715
Potent and selective B1 antagonist
3226 R 892
Potent and selective B1 antagonist
1057 WIN 64338 hydrochloride
Bradykinin B2 antagonist
Product Name / Activity
2370 Bombinakinin-GAP
Bioactive, bradykinin-related peptide

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