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Tocris is the leading supplier of novel and exclusive tools for laboratory research. Our unique collection of over 3,500 life science reagents consists of GPCR ligands, neurotransmitters, ion channel modulators and signaling inhibitors.

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Potent LIM kinase inhibitor; antitumor
4745 | LIMKi 3

IC50 values are 7 and 8 nM for LIMK1 and LIMK2 respectively. Inhibits cofilin phosphorylation in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells. Reduces MDA-MB-231 tumor cell invasion in a 3D matrigel invasion assay.

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Potent and selective BRD4 bromodomain inhibitor
5173 | MS 436

Ki = 30 - 50 nM for BrD1; exhibits 10-fold selectivity for BrD1 over BrD2. Blocks BRD4 transcriptional activity in lipopolysaccharide-induced production of both nitric oxide and IL-6 in mouse macrophages (IC50 values are 3.8 and 4.9 μM, respectively).

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sFRP-1 inhibitor; increases Wnt signaling
4767 | WAY 316606

Inhibits secreted frizzled-related protein-1 (sFRP-1) (IC50 = 0.65 μM); prevents sFRP-1 from interacting with Wnt and thus increases Wnt signaling. Increases total bone area in a murine calvarial organ culture assay.

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Potent NPSR antagonist
5161 | ML 154

pA2 = 9.98. Inhibits neuropeptide S-induced ERK phosphorylation over cAMP responses and calcium responses (IC50 values are 9.3, 22.1 and 36.5 nM, respectively). Appears to modulate addictive behavior in vivo. Displays no activity against vasopressin V1B receptors. Brain penetrant.

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Potent kinesin spindle protein inhibitor
5109 | SB 743921

Ki = 0.1 nM. Induces cell mitotic arrest and apoptosis in vitro. Inhibits the growth of a range of tumor cells in vitro, including colon (HCT 116), prostate (PC-3) and leukemia (K-562) cancer cell lines. Causes tumor regression in human tumor xenograft models in vivo, including colon (Colo205), lung (H69) and breast (MCF7) cancer cell xenografts.

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We are pleased to introduce you to Bio-Techne, the new trade name for Tocris' parent company. For more information, please visit bio-techne.com/launch

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Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society

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