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Tocris is the leading supplier of novel and exclusive tools for laboratory research. Our unique collection of over 3,500 life science reagents consists of GPCR ligands, neurotransmitters, ion channel modulators and signaling inhibitors.

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Potent and selective EZH2/EZH1 inhibitor
4904 | UNC 1999

SAM-competitive EZH2/EZH1 lysine methyltransferase inhibitor (IC50 values are 2 and 45 nM respectively). Selective for EZH2/EZH1 over a panel of other methyltransferases and non-epigenetic targets. Reduces H3K27me3 levels in vitro. Prolongs survival of MLL-AF9 bearing mice. Orally bioavailable.

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Potent and selective ITK inhibitor
5009 | BMS 509744

IC50 = 19 nM. Displays 200-fold selectivity over Tec family kinases and 55-fold selectivity over other kinases tested. Decreases HIV infection of primary CD4+ T cells and attenuates the establishment of HIV infection in vitro. Reduces T cell proliferation and IL-2 production in vitro. Attenuates lung inflammation in a mouse model of ovalbumin-induced allergy/asthma.

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PFKFB3 inhibitor; antiangiogenic
5121 | 3PO

Reduces glycolytic flux and suppresses glucose uptake. Inhibits endothelial cell proliferation and causes G2/M cell cycle arrest in vitro. Suppresses vessel sprouting and tumor growth in vivo. Amplifies the antiangiogenic effect of VEGFR blockers.

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USP10 and USP13 inhibitor
5197 | Spautin 1

IC50 values are 0.6 and 0.7 μM respectively. Inhibitor of autophagy and promotes degradation of Vps34 (class III PI 3-kinase) complexes. Selectively promotes apoptosis of cancer cells under starvation conditions. Prevents the PDGF-induced conversion from the contractile to synthetic phenotype in vascular smooth muscle cells.

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Potent and selective MAGL inhibitor
5206 | JJKK 048

IC50 = 0.4 nM. Exhibits >13,000 and ~630-fold selectivity for MAGL over FAAH and ABHD6 respectively.

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