Voltage-gated Sodium (NaV) Channels

More Information »Voltage-gated sodium channels (NaV) are responsible for action potential initiation and propagation in excitable cells, including nerve, muscle, and neuroendocrine cell types. They are also expressed at low levels in non-excitable cells, where their physiological role is unclear.

Voltage-gated Sodium (NaV) Channel Products

Product Name / Activity
2918 Veratridine
Voltage-gated Na+ channel opener
Product Name / Activity
2976 A 803467
Selective NaV1.8 channel blocker
4249 A 887826
Potent voltage-dependent NaV1.8 channel blocker
2404 Ambroxol hydrochloride
Na+ channel blocker
0890 Amiloride hydrochloride
Na+ channel blocker; also I2 imidazoline ligand
4804 APETx2
NaV1.8 and NaV1.2 blocker; also blocks ASIC3 channels
4098 Carbamazepine
Inhibitor of neuronal voltage-gated Na+ channels; anticonvulsant
2642 Co 102862
State-dependent of voltage-gated sodium channels
1470 Flecainide acetate
Cardiac Na+ channel blocker. Antiarrhythmic
0522 Flunarizine dihydrochloride
Dual Na+/Ca2+ channel (T-type) blocker
4718 Huwentoxin IV
Selective NaV1.7 channel blocker
5066 ICA 121431
Potent and selective NaV1.3 and NaV1.1 channel blocker
4913 Jingzhaotoxin III
Selective NaV1.5 channel blocker
3251 KC 12291 hydrochloride
Orally active atypical Na+ channel blocker; cardioprotective
3865 Licarbazepine
Active metabolite of oxcarbazepine (Cat. No. 3864)
3057 Lidocaine
Na+ channel blocker
2596 Mexiletine hydrochloride
Na+ channel blocker; antiarrhythmic agent
4691 NAV 26
Selective Nav1.7 channel blocker
3864 Oxcarbazepine
Anticonvulsant; inhibits Na+ channel activity
4916 PF 04885614
Potent and selective NaV1.8 channel blocker; active in vivo
4914 Phrixotoxin 3
Potent blocker of NaV1.2, NaV1.3 and NaV1.5 channels
4665 ProTx I
CaV3.1 channel blocker; also inhibits NaV1.8 and KV2.1
4023 ProTx II
Potent and selective NaV1.7 channel blocker
1043 QX 222
Na+ channel blocker
1014 QX 314 bromide
Na+ channel blocker
2313 QX 314 chloride
Na+ channel blocker
4029 Ralfinamide mesylate
Na+ channel blocker
0768 Riluzole hydrochloride
Na+ channel blocker
4044 Sipatrigine
NaV blocker; neuroprotective
4435 TC-N 1752
Selective NaV1.7 channel blocker
1078 Tetrodotoxin
Na+ channel blocker
1069 Tetrodotoxin citrate
Na+ channel blocker; citrate salt of tetrodotoxin (Cat. No. 1078)
0757 Vinpocetine
Na+ channel blocker
Product Name / Activity
5184 BDS I
Attenuates inactivation of sodium currents by acting on Nav1.7 and Nav1.3 channels; neuroprotective
1539 β-Pompilidotoxin
Slows neuronal Na+ channel inactivation
3828 Rufinamide
Prolongs inactivation of sodium channels; anticonvulsant
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