Voltage-gated Calcium Channels (CaV)

More Information »Voltage-gated calcium channels (CaV) are present in the membrane of most excitable cells and mediate calcium influx in response to depolarization. They regulate intracellular processes such as contraction, secretion, neurotransmission and gene expression.

Voltage-gated Calcium Channel (CaV) Products

Product Name / Activity
1544 (±)-Bay K 8644
Ca2+ channel activator (L-type)
1546 (S)-(-)-Bay K 8644
Ca2+-channel activator (L-type)
1403 FPL 64176
Potent activator of Ca2+ channels (L-type)
2851 Nefiracetam
Cognitive enhancer; activates L/N-type Ca2+ channels
Product Name / Activity
2799 ω-Agatoxin IVA
Ca2+ channel blocker (P-type)
2802 ω-Agatoxin TK
Ca2+ channel blocker (P/Q-type)
2571 Amlodipine besylate
Ca2+ channel blocker (L-type)
1545 (R)-(+)-Bay K 8644
Ca2+-channel blocker (L-type)
3934 Benidipine hydrochloride
Calcium channel blocker
4117 Bepridil hydrochloride
Non-selective calcium channel blocker
2629 Cilnidipine
Ca2+ channel blocker (dual L/N-type)
1085 ω-Conotoxin GVIA
Ca2+ channel blocker (N-type)
1084 ω-Conotoxin MVIIC
Ca2+ channel blocker (N, P and Q-type)
0685 Diltiazem hydrochloride
Ca2+ channel blocker (L-type)
3733 Efonidipine hydrochloride monoethanolate
Ca2+ channel blocker (L- and T-type)
2960 Felodipine
Ca2+ channel blocker (L-type)
0522 Flunarizine dihydrochloride
Dual Na+/Ca2+ channel (T-type) blocker
5235 Huwentoxin XVI
Potent and reversible N-type Ca2+ channel blocker
2004 Isradipine
Ca2+ channel blocker (L-type)
3086 L-651,582
Ca2+ channel blocker
2959 Lercanidipine hydrochloride
Ca2+ channel blocker (L-type)
0840 Loperamide hydrochloride
Ca2+ channel blocker (HVA) (L/N-type)
2198 Mibefradil dihydrochloride
Ca2+ channel blocker (T-type)
4507 ML 218 hydrochloride
Ca2+ channel blocker (T-type)
1075 Nifedipine
Ca2+ channel blocker (L-type)
1124 (R)-(-)-Niguldipine hydrochloride
Ca2+ channel blocker (L-type). Less active enantiomer of Cat. No. 1123
1123 (S)-(+)-Niguldipine hydrochloride
Ca2+ channel blocker (L-type)
0600 Nimodipine
Ca2+ channel blocker (L-type)
0601 Nitrendipine
Ca2+ channel blocker (L-type)
2268 NNC 55-0396 dihydrochloride
Highly selective Ca2+ channel blocker (T-type)
3552 PD 173212
Potent N-type Ca2+ channel blocker
4665 ProTx I
CaV3.1 channel blocker; also inhibits NaV1.8 and KV2.1
1439 Ruthenium Red
Non-selective Ca2+ channel blocker (N- and P-type)
2945 SNX 482
Potent and selective CaV2.3 blocker (R-type)
1806 SR 33805 oxalate
Ca2+ channel blocker; binds allosterically to distinct site on L-type channels
0654 Verapamil hydrochloride
Ca2+ channel blocker (L-type)
Product Name / Activity
4055 L-Ascorbic acid
Selective inhibitor of Cav3.2 channels
0806 Gabapentin
Selectively binds the α2δ subunit of CaV channels. Anticonvulsant
3775 Pregabalin
Anticonvulsant; selectively binds the α2δ subunit of voltage-sensitive calcium channels
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