D1 and D5 Receptors

More Information »D1 and D5 receptors (also known as D1-like receptors) are a subset of the dopamine receptor G-protein-coupled receptor family that also includes D2, D3 and D4. The two receptor subtypes are highly homologous and very few ligands are selective between them.

D1 and D5 Receptor Products

Product Name / Activity
1534 A 68930 hydrochloride
Potent, selective D1-like agonist
1701 A 77636 hydrochloride
Potent, selective D1-like agonist. Orally active
2073 (R)-(-)-Apomorphine hydrochloride
Dopamine agonist; non-subtype-selective
1249 CY 208-243
Selective D1-like agonist
0884 Dihydrexidine hydrochloride
Selective D1-like agonist
3548 Dopamine hydrochloride
Endogenous agonist at dopamine D1-5 receptors
1659 Fenoldopam hydrochloride
Selective D1-like partial agonist
3992 NPEC-caged-dopamine
Caged version of dopamine (Cat. No. 3548)
0922 SKF 38393 hydrobromide
Selective D1-like agonist
1662 SKF 77434 hydrobromide
Selective D1-like partial agonist
1447 SKF 81297 hydrobromide
D1 agonist
2075 SKF 83822 hydrobromide
Selective D1-like agonist
2074 SKF 83959 hydrobromide
D1-like partial agonist
Product Name / Activity
1674 LE 300
Potent and selective dopamine D1 antagonist
0925 SCH 23390 hydrochloride
Standard selective D1-like antagonist; also 5-HT2C and 5-HT1C agonist and Kir3 channel blocker
2299 SCH 39166 hydrobromide
High affinity D1/D5 receptor antagonist
1586 SKF 83566 hydrobromide
Potent, selective D1-like antagonist
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