More Information »Actin is a ubiquitous globular protein that is one of the most highly-conserved proteins known. It is found in two main states: G-actin is the globular monomeric form, whereas F-actin forms helical polymers. Both G- and F-actin are intrinsically flexible structures.

Actin Products

Product Name / Activity
3950 CK 666
Arp2/3 inhibitor; inhibits actin polymerization
4984 CK 869
Arp2/3 inhibitor; inhibits actin polymerization
5474 Cytochalasin B
Inhibitor of actin polymerization
3973 Latrunculin A
Inhibitor of actin assembly and polymerization
2067 187-1, N-WASP inhibitor
N-WASP inhibitor; inhibits actin assembly
4434 Wiskostatin
N-WASP inhibitor; inhibits Arp2/3 activation
Product Name / Activity
1233 Cytochalasin D
Disrupts actin filament function
2792 Jasplakinolide
Stabilizes F-actin; promotes actin polymerization
3715 Narciclasine
Antiproliferative agent; induces actin polymerization
4535 Phalloidin
Promotes actin polymerization
4401 SMIFH2
FH2 domain inhibitor; prevents actin nucleation
3390 Thymosin β4
Potent actin polymerization regulator
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