Antiangiogenic agents are compounds which prevent angiogenesis in vitro and/or in vivo. Angiogenesis inhibitors may be endogenous or synthetic; others are obtained from diet, for example resveratrol.

Antiangiogenic Products

Product Name / Activity
5121 3PO
PFKFB3 inhibitor; antiangiogenic
4706 Borrelidin
Antiangiogenic; inhibits threonyl-tRNA synthetase
5029 CHC
Monocarboxylic acid transport (MCT) inhibitor; displays anti-angiogenic activities
1495 Combretastatin A4
1768 Fumagillin
1629 Herbimycin A
Antiangiogenic. Inhibits Src family kinases and Hsp90
1461 Linomide
Immunomodulator with antiangiogenic properties
1807 2-Methoxyestradiol
Antiangiogenic and apoptotic agent
4664 Obtustatin
Potent and selective α1β1 inhibitor; antiangiogenic
2710 OGT 2115
Antiangiogenic. Heparanase inhibitor
4733 P005091
USP7 inhibitor; antiangiogenic
4744 P11
Potent antagonist of αvβ3-vitronectin interaction; antiangiogenic
2954 PX 12
Thioredoxin-1 inhibitor; attenuates HIF-1α
4885 R 1530
Multi-RTK inhibitor; inhibits angiogenesis
1418 Resveratrol
Cyclooxygenase inhbitor
0652 Thalidomide
Antiangiogenic. Inhibits TNF-α synthesis
1098 Tranilast
3101 XRP44X
Antiangiogenic; microtubule depolymerization agent

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