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Trk Receptors

More Information »Trk (neurotrophin) receptors are single transmembrane catalytic receptors with intracellular tyrosine kinase activity. Trk receptors are coupled to the Ras, Cdc42/Rac/RhoG, MAPK, PI3K and PLCγ signaling pathways. Four members of the Trk family have been identified.

Trk Receptor Products

Product Name / Activity
2837 BDNF (human)
Activates TrkB and p75 receptors
3826 7,8-Dihydroxyflavone
TrkB agonist
4607 LM 22A4
Potent TrkB agonist
Product Name / Activity
4781 ANA 12
TrkB receptor antagonist
5062 Cyclotraxin B
TrkB receptor antagonist
Product Name / Activity
2617 AG 879
TrkA inhibitor
4559 GNF 5837
Potent Trk inhibitor; inhibits TrkA, TrkB and TrkC
2238 GW 441756
Potent, selective TrkA inhibitor
3395 Lestaurtinib
TrkA, JAK2 and FLT3 inhibitor
Product Name / Activity
5046 LM11A 31 dihydrochloride
Nonpeptide p75NTR ligand; neuroprotective
2087 NTR 368
p75NTR fragment; induces apoptosis
5101 PD 90780
Inhibits NGF binding to p75NTR
2272 Ro 08-2750
Inhibits NGF binding to p75NTR and TrkA
3051 TLQP 21
VGF-derived peptide
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