Bcl-2 Family

More Information »Bcl-2 family proteins contribute to programmed cell death or apoptosis. It is a large protein family and all members contain at least one of four Bcl-2 homology domains. Certain members (Bcl-2, Bcl-XL and Mcl-1) are antiapoptotic, whilst others (Bax, Bak, Bok) are proapoptotic.

Bcl-2 Family Products

Product Name / Activity
4676 ARRY 520 trifluoroacetate
Potent and selective kinesin spindle protein (KSP) inhibitor; induces Mcl-1 degradation
2160 Bax channel blocker
Inhibits Bax-mediated mitochondrial cytochrome c release
1786 Bax inhibitor peptide P5
Inhibitor of Bax-mediated apoptosis
1785 Bax inhibitor peptide V5
Inhibitor of Bax-mediated apoptosis
1787 Bax inhibitor peptide, negative control
Negative control peptide for Bax inhibitor peptides V5 and P5 (Cat. Nos. 1785 and 1786)
3590 Gambogic acid
Apoptosis inducer. Inhibits Bcl-2 family proteins
1541 HA14-1
Bcl-2 inhibitor. Induces apoptosis
3794 iMAC2
Inhibitor of Bid-induced Bax cytochrome c release
5368 Maritoclax
Mcl-1 inhibitor; proapoptotic
4819 Methylprednisolone
Anti-apoptotic; upregulates expression of Bcl-xL after injury
4762 MIM1
Mcl-1 inhibitor; proapoptotic
4038 TW 37
Bcl-2 inhibitor; induces apoptosis
Product Name / Activity
5314 SMBA 1
High affinity and selective activator of Bax
Product Name / Activity
3367 AT 101
Downregulates Bcl-2 and Mcl-1; pro-apoptotic
4810 BAM 7
Selective Bax activator; induces Bax-mediated apoptosis
3526 BIM, Biotinylated
Bim peptide fragment
2137 2,3-DCPE hydrochloride
Downregulates Bcl-XL protein expression
1964 Gossypol
Proapoptotic; downregulates Bcl-2 and Bcl-XL
3816 Muristerone A
Stimulates Bcl-XL mRNA transcription; antiapoptotic
2907 SU 9516
Transcriptionally downregulates Mcl-1; proapoptotic

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