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Protein Kinase A

More Information »Protein kinase A (PKA, aka cAMP-dependent protein kinase) is involved in the regulation of lipid and glucose metabolism and is a component of the signal transduction mechanism of certain GPCRs. PKA is composed of two regulatory subunits and two catalytic subunits.

Protein Kinase A Products

Product Name / Activity
1337 cAMPS-Rp, triethylammonium salt
cAMP antagonist; inhibits PKA activation
0541 Fasudil hydrochloride
Inhibitor of cyclic nucleotide dependent- and Rho-kinases
1883 cGMP Dependent Kinase Inhibitor Peptide
Inhibitor of protein kinases G and A
2910 H 89 dihydrochloride
Protein kinase A inhibitor
1288 KT 5720
Selective protein kinase A inhibitor
1904 PKA inhibitor fragment (6-22) amide
Potent protein kinase A inhibitor
2546 PKI 14-22 amide, myristoylated
Cell-permeable protein kinase A inhibitor
Product Name / Activity
1333 cAMPS-Sp, triethylammonium salt
Cell-permeable cAMP analog; activates PKA
1140 8-Bromo-cAMP, sodium salt
Membrane permeable cAMP analog; activates PKA
Ligand Sets
Product Name / Activity
1882 PKA Tocriset™
Selection of 5 PKA modulators (Cat. Nos. 1337, 1140, 1099, 1288 and 1603)
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