Tocris Introduces New Fluorescent Dyes Range

Janelia Fluor™ Dyes Licensed from Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Tocris Bioscience, part of the Biotechnology division of Bio-Techne, has released a new range of fluorescent dyes, known as Janelia Fluor™ dyes, for advanced imaging techniques. The molecules were developed by Luke Lavis' lab at the Janelia Research Campus and have been licensed to Tocris by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).

The range comprises Janelia Fluor™ dyes JF646 and JF549 and photoactivatable derivatives of these reagents. The new dyes are rhodamine-based and are brighter and more photostable than currently available tetramethylrhodamine (TMR) dyes. They are also cell-permeable and are supplied as NHS esters for ease of conjugation to antibodies and other proteins. To date Janelia Fluor™ dyes have been used in super resolution microscopy, including dSTORM, single molecule tracking in cells, confocal fluorescent imaging and are also suitable for multiplexing. Tocris Product Manager, Dr Hannah Maple said, 'We are excited to make these innovative new dyes commercially available to the research community. They are widely applicable across a range of advanced imaging techniques and should enable life science researchers to generate enhanced images and accelerate new discoveries.'

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Bristol-based Tocris Bioscience is part of the Biotechnology division of Bio-Techne. Our goal is to provide the global life science research community with the most innovative and high performing products to enable ground breaking discoveries. From its origins as a supplier of neuroscience research products, Tocris Bioscience has expanded to now offer innovative chemical tools for research in fields such as cancer, epigenetics and stem cells.

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