Tocris Bioscience Launches New Unique & Affordable Screening Library

Tocriscreen™ Total is a fully annotated small molecule library for HTS

Dec 13th, 2007 - Tocris Bioscience announced today that it had added a new library to their existing screening range. Tocriscreen™ Total is a fully annotated small molecule library for high throughput screening (HTS), high content screening (HCS) and chemical biology applications. The majority of the compounds in this library are unique to the new Tocriscreen Total, setting this collection apart from competitor's products.

The introduction of Tocriscreen Total offers researchers a library of compounds with a wide coverage of pharmacological space, useful for HCS and the exciting new fields of chemical biology and chemical genetics.

Robert Felix, Product Manager, said, “The compounds included in the new collection are all biologically active, exceptionally high purity compounds from the Tocris product range. In addition, the compounds are supplied pre-dissolved in DMSO, saving researchers valuable time and resources.“

Laurence Ede, Managing Director, added, “We are very pleased to be adding this product to the Tocris range. Tocriscreen Total exemplifies the outstanding quality of the Tocris brand and will no doubt be a valuable resource for scientists worldwide.“

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