Every precaution should be taken when handling any Tocris product. We will provide all possible advice and assistance concerning the safe handling of our products. As research chemicals, the potential hazards are often not known and an absence of warning does not mean that no hazard exists. It is the users' responsibility to ensure that relevant safety precautions are taken at all times.

Product safety data sheets (SDS) are available online for all products and contain information relating to their safe handing.

Vial opening instructions

The majority of products are supplied in glass vials with a screw top lid. During transit, material may accumulate in the vial top. This can be dislodged by gently tapping the vial before opening. Some products are shipped in glass ampoules. Caution must be exercised when opening these. We recommend wearing gloves and safety goggles. To open, cover the ampoule with a cloth and place thumbs on score line; apply gentle pressure away from the body and snap the vial open.


Certain very toxic products are supplied in protective biotubes. Biotubes have a screw top lid, which is manually tightened and can be easily unscrewed. If the lid is particularly tight, a coin placed in the top slot may be used to unscrew it.

Product use

All our products are intended for research use only. They must not under any circumstances be used for human, drug, food, cosmetic, agricultural, domestic or any other purpose.

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