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Tocriscreen Compound Libraries & Toolboxes

Tocriscreen are collections of unique and diverse bioactive compounds suitable for high-throughput screening (HTS), cell based high-content screening (HCS) and chemical biology applications. Available pre-dissolved in DMSO or as dry/solid compounds, the collections include high purity compounds active at GPCRs, kinases, ion channels, nuclear receptors and transporters.

Each compound is a biologically active molecule selected from the Tocris Bioscience range creating unique collections unavailable elsewhere with excellent structural diversity and wide coverage of pharmacological space. Tocriscreen Compound Libraries are supported by extensive biological information and are periodically updated with products from the very latest research.

Please view the individual product listings for exact contents and specific technical data via our Tocriscreen Compound Libraries & Toolboxes page.

Tocriset Ligand Sets

Tocrisets consist of 3-5 key ligands supplied as lyophilized solids, or pre-dissolved in DMSO at a specific concentration. Lyophilized solids have been freeze-dried (approximately 0.5-2 mg per vial) so that addition of 0.5 or 1 ml of solvent produces a stock concentration of 10 or 5 mM respectively. Each set is designed to allow targeting of a specific receptor or pathway in a convenient and cost effective manner.

Detailed solubility instructions, including suitable solvents, are provided in the Tocriset booklet included with each individual product when shipped.

Please view the individual product listings for exact contents and specific technical data via our ligand sets page.

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