GABA Transporter Gene Data

Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
GAT-1 Human SLC6A1 NM_003042 P30531
Mouse Slc6a1 NM_178703 P31648
Rat Slc6a1 NM_024371 P23978
GAT-2 Human SLC6A13 NM_016615 Q9NSD5
Mouse Slc6a12 NM_133661 P31651
Rat Slc6a13 NM_133623 P31646
GAT-3 Human SLC6A11 NM_014229 P48066
Mouse Slc6a13 NM_144512 P31649
Rat Slc6a11 NM_024372 P31647
BGT-1 Human SLC6A12 NM_003044 P48065
Rat Slc6a12 NM_017335 P48056
VGAT Human SLC32A1 NM_080552 Q9H598
Mouse Slc32a1 NM_009508 O35633
Rat Slc32a1 NM_031782 O35458

Properties of GABA Transporters

Transporter GAT-1 GAT-2 GAT-3 BGT-1
Tissue Localization1 Mainly neuronal cells in CNS Epithelial, glial and neuronal cells (mainly CNS) Mainly glial cells in CNS and retina Probably mainly glial cells in CNS and kidney
Selected Inhibitors IC50 (μM)
β-Alanine (0206) 56902 192 582 13202
CI 966 (1296) 0.262 2972 3332 3002
Guvacine (0234) 142 582 1192 18702
(±)-Nipecotic acid (0236) 82 382 1062 23702
NNC 711 (1779) 0.042 1712 17002 6222
SKF 89976A (1081) 0.132 5502 9442 72102
(S)-SNAP 5114 (1561) 3883 213 53 1403

IC50 values are for inhibition of [3H]-GABA uptake by cloned human GAT-1, rat GAT-2, human GAT-3 and human BGT-1.


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