Angiotensin Receptor Data

Receptor Subtype AT1 Receptors AT2 Receptors AT4 Receptors
Transduction Mechanism Gq/11 Gi/o Unknown
Primary Locations Liver, kidney, adrenal gland, lung Brain, adrenal medulla, heart, uterus Kidney, brain, adrenal gland, heart, liver, lung
Tissue Functions Mediates vasoconstriction, regulates aldosterone and vasopressin release, salt and water retention, cell proliferation and migration, sympathetic stimulation Counterbalances effects of the AT1 receptor Regulates blood flow and renal tubular reabsorption, affects cardiac hypertrophy and memory acquisition
Selective Agonists - CGP 42112 (2569) -
Selective Antagonists ZD 7155 (1211)
EMD 66684 (1849)
PD 123319 (1361) -


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