FTY 720

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FTY 720 is a patented compound from Novartis. As a consequence, this material is not currently available as part of our product range.

It is Tocris policy to never knowingly supply research materials in breach of intellectual property rights. In this way we help our customers to ensure compliance with organization purchasing policies and avoid any threat of legal action arising from the use of unlicensed products.

To the best of our knowledge, any reagent supplier that offers FTY 720 for sale is doing so without permission. The authenticity of any such material is not warranted by the patent holder, nor is the use of any material obtained in this way sanctioned by them.

Tocris will continue to pursue a license for this product in the hope that we will be able to add it to our product range in future. Customers wishing to find similar products are invited to search our website, or contact Technical Support for more information.

Any researchers wishing to obtain FTY 720 for experimental use are invited to submit a request for a sample from the following Novartis contact. Please note that all sample decisions rest entirely with Novartis, who may require further information to allow them to evaluate a request.

FTY 720 Request Contact Information

Material Transfer Management (MTM)
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
CHBS, WSJ-386.12.06
Novartis Campus


Keywords: FTY 720, FTY720, Fingolimod, S1P-1 antagonist, Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptors

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