Nicotinic Receptor (Other Subtype) Peptides


Cat No Product Name / Activity
3205 ACV 1
α9α10-selective antagonist
3120 α-Conotoxin AuIB
Selective α3β4 nAChR antagonist
3124 α-Conotoxin EI
α1β1δγ selective nAChR antagonist
3119 α-Conotoxin ImI
α7 and α9 selective nAChR antagonist
1340 α-Conotoxin MII
Potent α3β2 and β3 subunit selective nicotinic antagonist
3121 α-Conotoxin PIA
Selective antagonist of α6-containing nicotinic receptors
3123 α-Conotoxin PnIA
Selective α3β2 nAChR antagonist