Formyl Peptide Receptors

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The formyl peptide receptor family, FPR1, FPR2 and FPR3 (formerly FPR, FPRL1 and FPRL2 respectively) are Gi-protein-coupled receptors that are expressed mainly by mammalian phagocytic leukocytes and found at lower expression levels on endothelial cells, neurons, astrocytes and hepatocytes.

Formyl peptide receptors are involved in antibacterial host defence and inflammation. Activation of FPRs mediates induction of neutrophil chemotaxis and stimulation of the degranulation of neutrophils. In addition, FPRs have a role in neutrophil transcriptional regulation and cytokine production, and induce neutrophil apoptosis in a ROS-dependent manner. Recently, FPRs have been implicated in the pathogenesis of amyloidosis, Alzheimer's disease, prion diseases and HIV. Ligand diversity is a prominent and unusual feature of FPR family receptors, suggesting that these receptors may have more complex functions than are currently appreciated. The human genes encoding FPR1, FPR2 and FPR3 are clustered on chromosome 19q13.3-13.4.

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Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
FPR Human FPR1 NM_002029 P21462
Mouse Fpr1 NM_013521 P33766
FPR2 Human FPR2 NM_001005738 P25090
Mouse Fpr2 NM_008039 NP_032065
FPR3 Human FPR3 NM_002030 P25089

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