General Calcium Signaling Agents

Product Name / Activity
1234 A23187, free acid
Calcium ionophore
2786 BAPTA
Selective Ca2+ chelator
Cell-permeable Ca2+ chelator
0507 Dantrolene, sodium salt
Ca2+ release inhibitor
0839 DHBP dibromide
Ca2+ release inhibitor
2807 EGTA
Calcium chelating agent
2220 FURA-2AM
Fluorescent Ca2+ indicator
1704 Ionomycin calcium salt
Calcium ionophore
2092 Ionomycin free acid
Calcium ionophore
1436 MDL 12330A hydrochloride
Blocks SOCE and slow extracellular Ca2+ into cells
1866 MRS 1845
Potent SOC inhibitor; blocks capacitative Ca2+ entry
3905 NAADP tetrasodium salt
Ca2+ mobilizing agent
3953 cis-Ned 19
NAADP antagonist; inhibits Ca2+ release
3954 trans-Ned 19
NAADP antagonist; inhibits Ca2+ release
0675 NPC 15199
Increases intracellular Ca2+ levels
1439 Ruthenium Red
Inhibits ryanodine-sensitive Ca2+ release and mitochondrial uptake/release
1329 Ryanodine
Ca2+ release inhibitor
1147 SKF 96365 hydrochloride
Inhibits receptor-mediated Ca2+ entry
1280 (-)-Xestospongin C
Reported inhibitor of IP3-dependent Ca2+ release
3939 YM 58483
Inhibitor of SOCE in non-excitable cells

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