Calcium Binding Protein Modulators

More Information »Calcium binding proteins regulate the concentration of Ca2+ available as a second messenger in many signaling cascades. The most common calcium binding protein, calmodulin, is found in the cytoplasm, organelles or associated with plasma membranes in eukaryotic cells.

Calcium Binding Protein Modulator Products

Product Name / Activity
2090 CALP1
Cell-permeable calmodulin agonist
2321 CALP3
Cell-permeable calmodulin agonist
Product Name / Activity
0378 A-7 hydrochloride
Calmodulin antagonist
2561 Calmidazolium chloride
Calmodulin antagonist
2319 CALP2
Cell-permeable calmodulin antagonist
0953 Camstatin
Calmodulin antagonist
2255 CGS 9343B
Calmodulin antagonist
0361 W-13 hydrochloride
Calmodulin antagonist
0368 W-5 hydrochloride
Calmodulin antagonist
0369 W-7 hydrochloride
Calmodulin antagonist. Inhibits myosin light chain kinase
0370 W-9 hydrochloride
Calmodulin antagonist
Product Name / Activity
2457 Arcyriaflavin A
Potent CaM Kinase II and cdk4/cyclin D1 inhibitor. Antiviral agent (anti-HCMV)
1688 Autocamtide-2-related inhibitory peptide
Selective CaM kinase II inhibitor
5959 Autocamtide-2-related inhibitory peptide, myristoylated
CaM kinase II inhibitor; enhanced cell permeable derivative of Autocamtide-2-related inhibitory peptide
1277 KN-62
CaM kinase II inhibitor
1278 KN 93
CaM kinase II inhibitor; also K+ channel blocker (KV)
0431 ML 9 hydrochloride
Myosin light chain kinase inhibitor
1885 MLCK inhibitor peptide 18
Selective inhibitor of myosin light chain kinase
1551 STO-609 acetate
Selective CaM kinase kinase inhibitor
Product Name / Activity
4130 KN 92
Inactive analog of KN 93. K+ channel (Kv) blocker
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