5-HT3 Receptors

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Serotonin 5-HT3 receptors, are ligand-gated ion channels of the Cys-loop family. The receptor consists of 4-transmembrane domains that form an intrinsic cation-selective channel. So far five human 5-HT3 receptor subtypes have been identified (5-HT3A-E).

The 5-HT3B-E subtypes do not form functional homo-oligomeric complexes like the 5-HT3A subtypes, but co-assemble with 5-HT3A to influence its functional expression.

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Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
5-HT3A Human HTR3A NM_000869 P46098
Mouse Htr3a NM_013561 P23979
Rat Htr3a NM_024394 P35563
5-HT3B Human HTR3B NM_006028 O95264
Mouse Htr3b NM_020274 Q9JHJ5
Rat Htr3b NM_022189 Q9JJ16
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5-HT Receptors Scientific Review

Written by Nicholas M. Barnes and John F. Neumaier, this review summarizes the various serotonin receptor subtypes and their importance in mediating the role of serotonin in numerous physiological and pharmacological processes. Compounds available from Tocris are listed.

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5-HT Receptors Scientific Review

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5-HT Scientific Review

Written by N. Barnes & J. Neumaler

5-HT Receptors Scientific Review

Our 5-HT review summarizes the serotonin receptor subtypes and highlights their importance in mediating various physiological & pharmacological processes. Request copy or view PDF today.

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