5-HT1B Receptor Antagonists

Product Name / Activity
0993 Cyanopindolol hemifumarate
5-HT1A/1B antagonist. Also β-adrenergic antagonist
1477 GR 127935 hydrochloride
Potent, selective 5-HT1B/1D antagonist
1054 GR 55562 dihydrochloride
5-HT1B antagonist
0992 Isamoltane hemifumarate
5-HT1B antagonist
3350 LY 393558
Dual 5-HT1B/1D antagonist and 5-HT re-uptake inhibitor
1413 NAS-181
Selective r5-HT1B antagonist. Active in vivo
0994 Pindolol
5-HT1A/1B antagonist. Also β-adrenergic antagonist
1060 (S)-(-)-Pindolol
5-HT1A/1B antagonist. Also β-adrenergic antagonist. More active enantiomer of pindolol (Cat. No. 0994)
1242 SB 216641 hydrochloride
Selective h5-HT1B antagonist
1221 SB 224289 hydrochloride
Selective 5-HT1B antagonist
1516 SDZ 21009
5-HT1A/1B antagonist. Also β-adrenoceptor antagonist

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