Miscellaneous GABA

Product Name / Activity
1814 N-ArachidonylGABA
Inhibits pain in vivo
0806 Gabapentin
Anticonvulsant. Increases brain GABA
0538 trans-4-Hydroxycrotonic acid
GHB receptor ligand
0386 3-Methyl-GABA
Activator of GABA amino-transferase
1811 Modafinil
0780 NCS-382
Antagonist of γ-hydroxybutyric acid
4579 Pentobarbital sodium salt
Enhances GABAergic activity
2687 Pentylenetetrazole
CNS stimulant
4578 Phenobarbital sodium salt
Enhances GABAergic activity
3400 RuBi-GABA
Caged GABA; excitable by visible wavelength
4709 RuBi GABA trimethylphosphine
Caged GABA; inhibits neural activity
3619 Tramiprosate
GABA analog. Targets soluble Aβ to decrease amyloid plaque deposition
2815 Valproic acid, sodium salt
Increases GABA levels; anticonvulsant
0808 Vigabatrin
GABA-T inhibitor
2625 Zonisamide
Anticonvulsant, modulates GABA neurotransmission

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GABA Scientific Review

Written by I. Martin et al

GABA Receptors Scientific Review

Our GABA review gives an overview of the structure and function of the GABA receptors, as well as highlighting pharmacological ligands for their study. Request copy or view PDF today.

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