Chemokine CC Receptors

More Information »Chemokine CC receptors (CCRs) predominantly recognize CC chemokines. CC chemokines are distinguished by having four conserved cysteines, with the first two cysteines being adjacent to each other. There are 10 chemokine CC receptors.

Chemokine CC Receptor Products

Product Name / Activity
2565 ZK 756326
Selective, non-peptide CCR8 agonist
Product Name / Activity
3129 BMS CCR2 22
High affinity, potent CCR2 antagonist
3496 BX 471
Potent, selective CCR1 antagonist
2769 BX 513 hydrochloride
Selective CCR1 antagonist
3581 C 021 dihydrochloride
Potent CCR4 antagonist
2423 DAPTA
Chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5) antagonist
4306 INCB 3284 dimesylate
Selective CCR2 antagonist
2595 J 113863
Potent CCR1 chemokine receptor antagonist
5176 JNJ 27141491
Potent and selective human CCR2 antagonist
3756 Maraviroc
Selective CCR5 antagonist
2089 RS 102895 hydrochloride
CCR2b chemokine receptor antagonist
2517 RS 504393
Highly selective CCR2 chemokine receptor antagonist
4213 SB 297006
Potent and selective CCR3 antagonist
3650 SB 328437
Potent and selective CCR3 antagonist
3664 Teijin compound 1
Potent CCR2b antagonist
2757 UCB 35625
Potent CCR1 and CCR3 antagonist

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