Calcium-Activated Potassium (KCa) Channels

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Ca2+-activated potassium channels (KCa) are a group of 6/7-TM ion channels that selectively transport K+ ions across biological membranes. They are broadly classified into three subtypes: SK, IK and BK channels, based on their conductance (small, intermediate and big conductance respectively).

The small conductance KCa channels (KCa2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, also known as SK1, SK2 and SK3 respectively) and the intermediate conductance KCa channel (KCa3.1, also known as SK4) are voltage-insensitive and are activated by Ca2+-calmodulin. Both play important roles in many processes involving Ca2+-dependent signaling in both electrically excitable and non-excitable cells. KCa3.1 regulates the activation, proliferation and migration of cells such as mast cells, T cells and airway smooth muscle cells; consequently, it may be a useful therapeutic target for the treatment of asthma.

The BK family of KCa channels (also known as Slo or Maxi-K channels) are also voltage-sensitive and include KCa1.1 (Slo1), KCa4.1 (Slo2.2), KCa4.2 (Slo2.1) and KCa5.1 (Slo3). These channels do not require calmodulin for activation as they contain three direct bivalent cation binding sites.

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Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
KCa1.1 Human KCNMA1 NM_002247 Q9UBB0
Mouse Kcnma1 NM_010610 Q08460
Rat Kcnma1 NM_031828 Q9QWW4
KCa2.1 Human KCNN1 NM_002248 Q92952
Mouse Kcnn1 NM_032397 Q9EQR3
Rat Kcnn1 NM_019313 Q3S915
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