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Cancer stem cells (CSCs), also known as tumor initiation cells (TICs), are undifferentiated cancer cells that can self-renew and differentiate into bulk tumor cells. They are highly tumorigenic and are thought to be responsible, in some circumstances, for the resistance of tumors to chemo- and radiotherapy, as well as for disease recurrence following treatment. CSCs possess several characteristics that enable them to resist cancer therapies, including a slow cell cycle, resistance to oxidative stress, the ability to rapidly repair DNA damage and the capacity to expel anticancer drugs.

The origin of CSCs is unclear; they may derive from normal stem or progenitor cells or other cancer cells. Self-renewal of CSCs is through asymmetric division, by which one daughter cell retains the ability to self-renew, while the other will differentiate. CSC self-renewal and maintenance are regulated by various signaling pathways, including Notch, Hedgehog and Wnt, and these pathways are potential targets for new cancer therapies aimed at the elimination of CSCs and the prevention of relapse.

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Cancer Research Product Guide

A collection of over 750 products for cancer research, the guide includes research tools for the study of:

  • Cancer Metabolism
  • Epigenetics in Cancer
  • Receptor Signaling
  • Cell Cycle and DNA Damage Repair
  • Angiogenesis
  • Invasion and Metastasis
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Cancer Research Product Guide
Stem Cells Scientific Review

This review provides an overview of the use of small molecules in the control of stem cell growth and differentiation. Key signaling pathways are highlighted, and the regulation of ES cell self-renewal and somatic cell reprogramming is discussed. Compounds available from Tocris are listed.

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Stem Cells Scientific Review

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Cancer Research Product Guide

Cancer Research Product Guide

Our Cancer Research Guide highlights over 750 products for cancer research. Request copy or view PDF today.

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Stem Cell Toolbox

80 Stem Cell modulators supplied pre-dissolved in DMSO

Tocriscreen Stem Cell  Toolbox

Includes many of the latest compounds available for stem cell research. Covers compounds for stem cell differentiation, signaling and reprogramming.

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Stem Cells Review

Written by K. Clarke et al

Stem Cells Scientific Review

Our Stem Cells review gives an overview of the use of small molecules in the control of stem cell growth & differentiation and somatic cell reprogramming. Request copy or view PDF today.

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